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Control and store all construction documents and files in one centralized location that is accessible from anywhere.

Access Your Documents and Designs at All Times

Construction projects start well before breaking ground. Storing and managing documentation from initial project concept all the way through close out needs to be simple. You shouldn’t have to jump out of one software and into another to access a document, site survey or drawing

The construction document control tools in Projectmates enable your team to collaborate in real time from anywhere. Whether it’s a CAD file or drawing set, your team can securely log in and review or make changes from any device.

Files Stored
$ 70 K+
Annual savings in printing & shipping per project
Photos Uploaded

No more siloed software

BIM/CAD Model Viewer

View 2D and 3D renderings using the built-in BIM viewer just like any other document—no plugins required. Your architect can share CAD files and BIM models with the entire team. Best of all, you can markup CAD and review files just as you would on a PDF document.

Activity Tracking

In Projectmates, the software automatically creates a log that allows you to see who’s been notified, has downloaded, or simply opened each revision.

This creates an audit trail and eliminates the "I didn't get that file" excuse.

Version Control

The document management tools have a version control feature to keep track of any revision. If there’s ever a dispute between your architect, general contractor, or any other party, you can easily see who made the revision and when they did it.

Real-Time PDF Collaboration​

To ensure teams stay up to date and on task, real-time collaborative PDF markup capabilities are essential. When your architect is in the office and your GC is on site, they can open, review and collaborate on the same PDF in real time to address any drawing clarifications. 

BIM and 3D Markups

View, modify and markup your 3D files just as you can on a PDF. Review layers, walk through and comment on views of BIM models and other 3D files within the integrated viewer. No additional software necessary.

Designed With Ease-Of-Use In Mind

Projectmates is an intuitive and easy-to-use construction software. So it includes the ability to quickly email a document link to external team members. Simply drag and drop any file to create a sharable link. You also have control of how long any link stays active. 

Plus, you can add documents to a project just by emailing them to a targeted folder.

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Document Management
Plus desktop device
Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Construction Document Management Dashboard

Configured to the Way You Manage Projects

As the Owner, a construction management system needs to reflect your unique business needs. That should include the way the system manages and stores your documents. Since every company runs a little differently, Projectmates is configurable. Easily modify document navigation by phase, division or whatever works best for you and your team.

Speed guide to features

Construction Document Management

  • Remote access to all documents using any device

  • Supports all file types, with built-in version control

  • Simple drag and drop upload

  • Highly customizable file and folder structure

  • Robust tracking and audit logs 

  • Fast folder download

  • Ability to comment on file and folder 

  • Email-in and email-out files

  • Real-time collaborative PDF markups

  • CAD viewer with X-Ref support

  • 2D and 3D BIM and CAD viewing and markup

  • Approve documents through DocuSign

  • Critical watch folders

  • Keywords and labels augment built-in search 


Transform Your Construction Program With A Management Software

Plus laptop device

Projectmates Reviews:

“What we noticed was within 12 months we had eliminated all the printing and shipping costs, except for permit sets, within our process. A typical project was spending about $45,000 just to print and ship documents.”

John M.

Sr. Director of Construction, Crate&Barrel

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